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As an experienced math teacher, I work with students one-on-one in upper elementary through eighth grade. 

Whether a student is in need of extra support or enrichment, I can help them excel in a personalized learning environment.

When I meet a student, I learn about him/her as a person in addition to as a learner. From there, we work on school assignments, study for assessments, or complete assignments I provide. 

Math Formulas and a Calculator
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Organization Help/Executive Functioning

Does your child have trouble with organization? 

In Elementary school this may look like trouble initiating tasks, managing their materials, a messy backpack, etc. 

With older students, you may notice some disorganization (especially from switching classes), missing assignments, grades dropping, a messy backpack, etc. 

I meet with students 1-2 times a week to help organize all of their belongings, go through each class, discuss assignments and create a plan to get everything done.

Grade Levels/Topics: Lessons
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